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Postcard mailers are a great way to spread the word about a company and the services or products it offers.

There are several advantages to postcard mailers.

Size is an excellent selling point, as the consumer can easily carry it or attach it to their memo board or refrigerator.

Track them with ease if you require the potential customer to bring it with him to redeem. A time and money saver as there is no need for an envelope.

Advantage over taking out a newspaper ad in that your competition is all but oblivious to what you are doing.

They're also cost effective compared to mass advertising.

Need to advertise a trade-show event, grand opening, introduce a product or service? With postcard mailers you can accomplish all this and more. Inkbug's crisp, innovative and attractive designs will make your clients listen to why they have to have whatever it is that you are offering.

Inkbug Design considers your needs, ideas and concerns, while working with you in creating your unique postcard mailer. I will take care in contemplating the items such as styles, fonts and colors, and more importantly the concepts that you want to convey. In other words, you receive the most effective product for your hard earned cash - one that will reap bankable results.

I have the latest in cutting-edge ideas, along with the experience and creativity to design extraordinary postcards. Contact Inkbug Design today and we can discuss how I can help make the most of your products and services by fashioning a postcard that will ultimately assist your company in becoming a household name.
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