Logo Design A logo is of inestimable importance. It's the face your company presents to the world. A well-designed logo attracts attention and quietly but firmly asserts your company's presence. At Inkbug Design you get a wealth of experience, out-of-the- box ideas, and a visual identity that you will be proud to have represent your company online and across all marketing channels - stationery, clothing, business cards, letterheads, signboards, advertisements. What you won't get with Inkbug is the cheap shortcut of standard template-based logos (they scandalize the ‘Bug’s sensibilities and make his buggy compound eyes, well, bug out). Every design is fresh and unique, hand tooled especially for you to express your company's philosophy and values in an eye-catching manner. If you already have an idea for your logo, feel free to share it with us and we will work with you to develop it to perfection. Capable and creative, we monitor our work with a critical eye and keep fine-tuning till we fashion for you a stunning logo that is not only unforgettable but will also stand the test of time and be as cutting- edge 50 years hence as it is today! Ready to get your spectacular logo design? Let's get started!
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