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Are you looking for a graphic artist that can spin magic with illustrations? Here at Inkbug Design we create various types of illustrations to suit your every need.

If you're having your words and thoughts published in a book and want to enhance them, by adding evocative pictures in between those words and thoughts and on the cover, you have increased both the book's value and sales.

This is true, especially in the case of children's books. You need a cover that will not only dazzle them, but also draw them away from their mind-numbing video games and entice them to embark on a journey of words and pictures, to far-away lands or something in their own backyard. The inside illustrations of your book need to be on the cutting edge too. Let Inkbug Design take on that task for you; I excel at it and have the years of experience to back me up.

I can create for you dramatic or simple illustrations, whichever you need for the project at hand. I will work with you all the way from concept to finished product.

Do you need illustrations for an advertising poster/flyer that will grab attention and motivate the reader to act and ultimately build up the sales of your product? Inkbug can do that for you as well.

Well-designed illustrations portray a specific idea or create a mood that complements text documents. Turn otherwise boring projects into ones that will breathe life and convince your audience that what you have to say is worth hearing.

Transform those drab newsletters into exciting information pages that will keep your subscribers riveted and wanting more of what you have to offer them.

Are you in need of crisp, colorful illustrations to add pizzazz to your magazine or e-zine?
Whether for print or virtual, Inkbug Design is ready to take it on.

Let Inkbug Design take your project like these and others to the next level and see what we can design for you. You will be thoroughly satisfied with our work and prices.
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