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Are you looking for a great cover design for your e-book, software box or DVD/CD cover? An attractive e-cover design needs to capture the interest of visitors to your site. 

Often, your visitors do not know anything about you when they land on your site. Your sales copy and the way your product looks are all they have to go by.  So a poorly designed cover or one that looks like it was cranked out on an assembly line may very well ruin your chances for a sale. Instead you need an eye-catching cover that will jump off the page and transform the virtual content into tangible cash.

This is where Inkbug Design comes in. I treat every e-book cover project as a unique one; putting much thought and years of experience into creating a design that perfectly complements your e-book. I also take the greatest care in selecting the best graphics, fonts, and color scheme for your design. 

Share your ideas on how you want your cover to look, I will listen and try taking them to the next level. Or if you wish, leave the design entirely in my hands. Either way, I aim to give you the best e-book cover for your money.

I provide one 2D flat cover and one 3D cover image. The 3D image will include shadows, reflections and the best angle for the design. If you have any specific requirements for the 3D image I can probably accomodate those too.

You'll find me fast, responsive and easy to work with. I'll work with you until you are satisfied with the design, which means you can request changes at any time.

Inkbug Design has your e-book cover design waiting for you, so that you can begin turning your e-book into a profit-making venture. After all, isn't that what it's all about? Click here to request your new ecover.
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