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One of the challenges of business today is trying to coming up with new and innovative ways to capture your target audience. Then, you need to present yourself in a way that will make them remember you.

One of the techniques used to accomplish this is the implementation of cartoons. Your advertising and training manuals can be enhanced with corporate cartoons from Inkbug Design. I carefully discuss with you in detail your specific needs and then work to create cartoons that will fulfill those needs in witty and "sticky" ways.

Cartoons for Media

Need cartoons for your virtual or tangible publication? I have created cartoons for magazines, newsletters, newspapers, books (comic, fiction, nonfiction and children's), articles, cartoon-a-day desk calendars and wall calendars.

In textbooks, one can utilize cartoons as a teaching tool. Bringing humor to a lesson can be a plus for educators to get across an important point. By adding cartoons they stimulate discussion and provide interesting writing topics for the students.

At Inkbug I can craft cutting edge single and multiple panel cartoons with a specific message, or if you wish, a trendy comic strip.

Corporate Cartooning

What can corporate cartoons be used for?

  • To illustrate points during training i.e. leadership, team building, feedback, personality typing, etc.
  • To market HR initiatives such as suggestion schemes, CSR campaigns, culture building exercises, performance management, etc.
  • To liven up staff portals, internal communication materials, staff newsletters, quarterly gazettes.
  • To market reward and award schemes - like employee of the year.
  • To generate and sustain culture and service standards - i.e. correct meeting management and email writing etiquettes and customer services standards, through illustration on posters, fliers and other material.

Contact Inkbug Design and tell us what you need or share an idea that you want to see conceptualized. I'll work with you and see your special project clear through to completion and make sure that you will be completely satisfied. All this is accomplished within a price range you can afford.
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