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Hi, my name is Manoj Vijayan. Since I was little I've been passionate about art and design and I've been fortunate enough to be able to use my skills to help many, many clients enhance their products--ebook covers, publications and much more. Inkbug Design was created to showcase my work and provide a way for you to see how I can help you and your business.

My clients over the years have included published writers, those just starting out with infoproducts, fitness coaches, alternative health practitioners, startup and established businesses, people looking for gifting ideas, publishers large and small, magazines and newspapers and many many more. Whatever your interest may be, you are very welcome!

I've come to graphic design via a fairly unusual route--I actually have a degree in Architecture and have worked as an interior designer. I find my background in spatial thinking enhances my graphic designs and helps me come up with innovative solutions to your design problems.

Inkbug Design holds a large sampling of my work over the years. You can quickly get a feel for what I do and learn how I can help you. You will find examples of my work in logo design, ebook/CD/DVD covers, web graphics, cartoons, illustration, and more. Contact me today and let's help you sparkle!

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